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Communities That Care

Welcome to the website for Communities that Care! CtC is a registered charity established with the support of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in 1997.

CtC is a prevention programme based on an understanding of risk and protective factors which aims to tackle and reduce:

• Youth crime and anti-social behaviour
• Drug (including alcohol) abuse
• School failure
• School age pregnancy

Over the past 6 years CtC has been pioneering a new way of working which is both community led and evidence based and which puts young people at the heart of community planning.

Elsewhere on this site you can find out more about the CtC process and the services we offer. There is information about the ways in which the CtC process is used in communities and local authorities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland . You can also order CtC publications and contact us directly. There are also links to other sites of interest including those run by CtC programmes and sites that specialise in recruiting for social care jobs within the UK.

We hope that you find this resource useful!

If you have any suggestions or comments about this site please email us.

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e.mail: ctc@communitiesthatcare.org.uk